Ballistic Kevlar® Fabric | Stats & Facts

Want to know why we use Kevlar® in our PopShield? Here’s what you need to know about this fabric and its amazing benefits that continue to help save lives daily.

Safety is a notion that citizens from all over the world over grapple with each day. And though the United States certainly does not represent the most dangerous nation on earth, our news cycles are loaded with stories that relay violent accounts of humans harming other humans.

School shootings, racially and ethnically driven assaults, and brutal force used against the very men who patrol our streets and protect are homes, businesses, and families, are seemingly common place.

Now, more than ever, many are searching for a means of protection, regardless if in the field or simply for home use. The methods are many, but when it comes to products meant to protect without harming, few are designed without the help of Ballistics Kevlar® Fabric, which is what we rely on for our PopShield.

Kevlar Fabric Roll from Dupont used in Bulletproof Shields and Vests
A roll of Dupont Kevlar® material

What is Ballistic Kevlar®?

Kevlar®, a tightly woven, synthetic material with high tensile strength, was originally developed by the DuPont company in an effort to create a polymer-based replacement for tires — one that was lighter and more durable than its predecessor.

Upon discovering the potential behind this incredible strong fiber, the product, soon to be known as Kevlar®, was tested, and researched noticed that it exceeded the strength of nylon.

By the early 1970s, Kevlar® was introduced to the public and has since been used in a variety of industries including aerospace, ballistics, automotive, and telecommunications.

Still many feel that the Kevlar® name is synonymous with bullet resistant vests, and it’s durable, strong, and lightweight properties consistently place it ahead of steel and a variety of other materials when attempting to create or obtain effective body armor.

Why is Kevlar® a better option than other materials?

Kevlar® is a synthetic polymer and aramid fiber that is considered to be five-times stronger than steel on a equal weight basis. Its strength is derived from its structure (tightly packed, long chains of ring-like molecules) and way the fibers are tightly woven together.

The science used to create Kevlar® can be complex, and it’s easy to spend hours explaining its chemical makeup, but the take away will always be the same – it’s incredible strong and quickly showed its strength when compared to it’s nylon, polyester, and even steel predecessors.

As a DuPont product, Kevlar® is a product of years of extensive ballistic testing, scientific discovery, and engineering ingenuity. As such, Kevlar® products are tested for impact of ammunition between .22 caliber and .50 caliber.

What makes Kevlar® Fabric a great choice for body armor?

Used to develop bullet resistant vests, Kevlar® fabric offers optimal protection that is as lightweight as it is durable. Evidence of it’s durability and strength is represented by the over 3100 lives that have been saved due to this ballistic material.

There are a variety of reasons why Kevlar® Fabric is optimal for protection,

  • High-temperature resistant: Kevlar® can withstand extreme heat, only decomposing when temperatures hit between 800* and 900* F (427*C to 482*C).
  • Can withstand harsh, arctic conditions, withstanding degradation in temperatures as los as -320*F (196*C)
  • Inherently flame resistant, with flames typically receding as soon as the ignition source is removed.
  • Has a tensile strength (ability for a material to withstand pressure) of approximately 3,620 MPa, with a relative density of 1.44.
  • Despite the strength and durability of Kevlar® fabric, it is light, making movement easier and less labored.
  • It can resist strong acid chemical attacks, though long-term exposure can lead to eventual degradation
  • When compared to its steel counterpart, it’s tensile strength is eight times greater
PopShield uses Kevlar Fabric due to strength
PopShield – designed with Kevlar® material

Bulletproof vs Bullet Resistant

It’s a common belief that “bullet proof vests” are just that, bullet proof. But that is a misnomer. Bulletproof vests and most ballistic shields, including the PopShield that’s made from Kevlar®, are bullet resistant. But there is no known bullet proof fabric.

When a bullet makes contact with a Kevlar® vest, the tightly woven Kevlar® fabric absorbs and disperses the impact, offering protection to the individual wearing the vest or gear. The level of resistance relies on a variety of factors, namely the type and speed of the bullet.

Our PopShield takes this protection one step further than a vest; the PopShield keeps the impact of the bullet off the body, helping to further inspire confidence in real-world shooting situations.

Still, the longevity and continual popularity of Kevlar® fabric in both military and civilian circles speaks to the power of this bullet resistant product. And today, it remains one of the most popular materials in body armor and self-protection and continues to save a considerable amount of lives and mitigates the risk of serious injury by offering proven protection in many environments.