Sponsorship and Supporting Opportunities Available for Local Businesses at February 7th Event

Looking to have some fun with local law enforcement while further adding to the safety of the local law-enforcement community?

Head to Skateaway in Wilkes-Barre Thursday, February 7, for the inaugural “Skate With a Cop” event created by Brian Feist – on behalf of Shield Technology Inc., creator of the PopShield – and local business owner DJ Donnie Evanswho’s been promoting the event non-stop throughout his Facebook community.

“This event is proof to our law enforcement officers that their local community appreciates what they do for us every minute of every day, and we support them,” Feist says.

Local business and community sponsorship opportunities include purchasing a PopShield at a discounted rate and donating it to the law enforcement of their choice. Other sponsorship include gift baskets, gift certificates, t-shirts, or whatever else a business sees fit.

“Shield Technology Inc. has been generous to support this cause by drastically reducing it’s price for any sponsored shield,” Feist says.

Skate With a Cop Set for Wilkes-Barre's Skateaway promo

Admission to the event at Skateway (610 Blackman St., Wilkes-Barre, PA 18707) is $2 per person (skate rental is an additional $2). Free admission to all Law enforcement families.   All money raised at Skate With a Cop will be used to purchase additional PopShields, which will be raffled off to uniformed officers attending the event.

During the event, local police vehicles will be onsite for the community to check out. A K9 unit will also be present, along with some younger future law-enforcement officers participating.  

For additional information on those interested in supporting or sponsoring Skate With a Cop, contact Brian Feist at brianf@shieldtechnologyinc.com or Donnie Evans at (570) 655-4004.

For those on Facebook, visit https://www.facebook.com/events/226690224921096/.

PopShield used by police officer for serious protection

As of January 18,  the following individuals and local businesses are contributing to Skate With a Cop:

  • ContentMender
  • Times Leader
  • PA Live
  • Fox 56
  • Citizens Voice
  • WBRE
  • Honorable Judge Michael Vough
  • State Rep. Eddie Day Pashinski
  • Luzerne County Council Matt Vough
  • Mayor Tom Blaskiewicz (West Pittston)
  • Mayor Chris Concert (Swoyersville)
  • Atty. Girard Mecadon
  • Vinsko Law Firm
  • Cefelo Law Firm
  • Commonwealth Health EMS
  • Child Advocacy Center
  • Bob Price Greenhouses
  • Jublee Balloons
  • 570Drone
  • Trans Med
  • Pizza Bella
  • Dr. Francis Collini
  • Cefalo Law Firm
  • Vinsko Law Firm
  • Lisa Walsh
  • Lafrattes Catering
  • Sub Way
  • Nocito Law Firm
  • Bellio Plumbing and Heating
  • The Strange and Unusual
  • J&L Towing
  • Realtor Leslie Livingston
  • Guyette Communication Industries
  • Cross Valley Credit Union
  • Falzones Towing
  • Smith Used Tire
  • Main Storage
  • Rainbow Jewelers
Skate With a Cop Set for Wilkes-Barre's Skateaway Plains TWP police
A PopShield was donated to the Plains Township Police as part of Skate With a Cop

Following are 10 reasons why the PopShield is the better choice over the traditional bulletproof vest for both the police and the public.

  1. The PopShield Inspires Confidence

Feeling the impact of the bullet severely alters your state of mind. Adrenaline turns to fear, and instead of wanting to approach the shooter, you’re looking for the quickest way out—even if it’s unsafe.

Stopping a bullet by the means of a PopShield keeps the impact of the round off the body, which will boost confidence in a dangerous situation.

Instead of panicking, you can continue to approach the situation with a level head. This is a considerable difference between a deployable ballistic shield and typical body armor.

  1. Energy is Absorbed by the PopShield—Not the Body

Being struck by a bullet while wearing soft body armor can and will cause some degree of injury, the severity dependent on a number of factors like the distance the bullet is fired from:

  • Protection levels of the armor
  • Bullet caliber
  • Ammunition type

Bruising, abrasions, and the feeling having the wind knocked out of you are common from any bullet. Hit with enough force and you might get knocked down, suffer cracked ribs or even behind-armor-blunt-trauma (BABT).

Protecting yourself with a PopShield will reduce the chance of injury by keeping the impact of the bullet away and off the body.

Instead of feeling the hit on the chest, a ballistic shield can be held away from the body to deflect impacts with only small recoil felt at the handle.

  1. A Lightweight Design

Try hauling around a 20-pound weight vest all day, regardless of the temperature or weather conditions. This is the reality of wearing bullet resistant vest.

The PopShield, on the other hand, weighs in at only about 5 pounds. This alone makes it usable to a larger number of people—think women, children, individuals with disabilities, and the elderly.

It also won’t hinder your speed as much when trying to run from or pursue the danger.


  1. More Surface Area Protection with PopShield

The more protection the better, plain and simple.

On average, a ballistic shield like the PopShield offers around three times the surface area protection in comparison to a typical bulletproof vest.

Not only is this added surface area advantageous because it provides more coverage for your arms, head and chest, but it also provides cover to those behind you.

The PopShield:

  • 3X larger than the typical bulletproof vest
  • Provides cover to head and arms, along with the chest
  • Ability to protect those around you
  1. PopShields are Easily Deployable

If a shooter walks into your home or place of work, you have seconds to cover yourself with ballistic protection. You have a bulletproof vest on hand, but it’s stored in a closet or hard-to-reach place and takes time to put on.

This could be trouble.

Now, what if you had a source of ballistic protection that was deployable in nearly an instant?

The PopShield deploys in a fraction of the time it takes to strap on soft body armor. In fact, it launches itself through the push of a button in less than a second.

  1. Operate the PopShield with One Hand—Help with the Other

Due to their lightweight constructions, PopShields can be handled with the use of one hand.

Not only will this allow you to easily position the shield where needed, but also use the other hand to fight back or offer assistance to those around you.

  1. PopShields are Easy to Store

A bulletproof vest is voluminous, often requiring a lot of space to properly store it. This causes problem when stashing it somewhere that it could be useful at some point.

PopShields are foldable and fit in very convenient locations. Whether it’s in your office desk drawer, inside your car, at home underneath your bed, or underneath school desks, ballistic vests are easily-storable in almost any desirable location.

  1. Gun Holsters are Easy to Use with PopShields

Choosing a PopShield over a bulletproof vest allows a handgun to be stored in a built-in holster on the operator’s side of the shield. Whether you decide to use the weapon in defense or not, it is placed away from the danger and only accessible for the user.

Most ballistic bullet resistant vests with holsters place the weapon on the outside of the user and in the sight of the shooter, drawing more danger towards the user.

  1. PopShields Better Protect Others

In the event of an active shooter, wearing a bulletproof vest only does good for yourself. The vest is wrapped snugly around your body, and anyone around you without ballistic protection could be in serious trouble.

Have a PopShield, however, and be able to protect those around you. Whether you are simply offering individuals cover from opposing fire, or you are lending a hand to the wounded, a ballistic shield can provide vital protection to yourself and others that a vest can’t.

  1. PopShields Have the Versatility to Protect Anyone

The combination of the listed benefits above makes a ballistic shield usable for any person, regardless of strength or stature. Bulletproof vests are often designed to fit a specific body shape, which can cause issues in the integrity of protection levels.

Instead, a PopShield is designed for anyone that can handle its weight—which is only five pounds. This, along with a compact design, allows for a very broad range of individuals to use them almost anywhere at anytime.

Blog contributed to Shield Technology Inc. by ContentMender, a digital marketing company based in Mountain Top, Pa.