Local Community Steps Up Big Time to Protect Officers with Donated PopShields

Nothing appeals to the emotions of a community more than supporting those who protect and serve.

This sentiment spoke bounds of truth during the inaugural “Skate with a Cop” held February 7 at Skateaway in Wilkes-Barre, Pa.

The event was created by Brian Feist – on behalf of Shield Technology Inc., creator of the PopShield – and local business owner and DJ Donnie Evans.

Skate with a Cop Brian Feist and DJ Donnie

The goal of the event was to get as many PopShields – deployable bulletproof shields that weight just 6 pounds each – into the possession of as many law enforcement members as possible.

Skate with a Cop brought the best out of local businesses and community sponsors that purchased a PopShield at a discounted rate and donated it to the law enforcement of their choice.

When the event began, at most Feist and Evans expected to the community to support five PopShields.

This number more than quadrupled; when Skate with a Cop wrapped up, a total of 62 shields were donated.

But additional sponsors have stepped up after reading about the event in local news reports, and that number is expected to grow quickly.

Over 600 people were present, including local politicians and nearly 20 different local police departments, some bringing along K-9 Units and nearly all in full uniform. Also, around 20 service vehicles were on display in the Skateaway parking lot.

Before the community actually got to skate with a cop, State Rep. Eddie Day Pashinski, D-Wilkes-Barre, sang the national anthem. The local community’s spirit was high, and as the three-hour event continued, numerous participants made additional donations, including Brenda Pugh, the CEO of AMP Global Strategies.

Pugh was the sponsorship leader. She was responsible for a total of 19 PopShield donations.

Skate with a Cop Pugh AMP Strategies

Following is a breakdown of the business and community members that supported Skate with a Cop and ultimately their local law enforcement:

SponsorsPopShields DonatedLaw Enforcement Townships/Cities
Amp Global Strategies7Dallas, Jackson Twp., Lehman Twp., Edwardsville, Jenkins Twp., Hanover Twp., Hazleton
JVC Kenwood5West Hazleton, Wilkes-Barre City (2), Hazleton (2)
Dr. Francis Collini3Harveys Lake, Kingston Twp., Dallas Twp.
J&L Towing (Used Auto Parts INC)3Plymouth, Swoyersville, Forty-Fort
Amp Global Strategies2Harveys Lake and Kingston Twp.
Kaharchik Construction2Exeter
MMS Home Care Staffing2Courtdale, Larksville
Skateaway2Wilkes-Barre Twp. (2)
ABC Hauling1Kingston
Adrienne Pugh-Eyet1Dallas Twp.
Alan & Brenda Pugh1Dallas Twp.
Bonner Chevrolet1Kingston Twp.
Cefalo Law Firm1West Pittston
Clean Force 11Rice Twp.
Comitz Law Firm1Wilkes-Barre City
Cross Valley Credit Union1Plains Twp.
Dr. Joe and Beth Ridilla/ Connie Plewniak1Wilkes-Barre Township
Friends of Karen Boback1Harveys Lake
Guyette Communications1Larksville
Hallmark homes -Francis Pedriani1Rice Twp.
Kingston Huskeys Jr. Football1Kingston
La Tolteca, Wilkes-Barre1Wilkes-Barre Twp.
Law Office of Frank Nocito LLC1Kingston
Lisa Walsh1Sugar Notch
Natalie Harth Roofing1Nanticoke
The Pest Rangers1Hanover Twp.
Realtor Leslie Livingston1Forty-Fort
Reilly & Associates Realty, Inc1West Pittston
Robs Pub and Grub1Larksville
Stell Enterprises1Pittston Twp.
Vinsko & Associates Law Firm1Wilkes-Barre
Visiting Angels- Nepa Homecare1Wyoming
William Eck1Kingston Twp.
William Grant1Dallas Twp.
Yeager Insurance Agency LLC1Forty-Fort
901 Barber Shop0.5West Wyoming
Bellio Plumbing and Heating0.5Kingston
Granteeds Lawn Service0.5West Wyoming
KOC- Pittston- Redemptoris Custos Assembly 37550.5Pittston City
Pat Munley0.5Wright Twp.
St. Joseph Marello KofC Council 16071 Knight’s of Columbus0.5Pittston City
Style Tee- Hair Salon0.5Wright Twp.
The Strange and Unusual0.5Kingston

Also contributing donations towards additional shields were:

  • 570Drones (videos and a shield to Plymouth Borough)
  • Vesuvio Pizzeria
  • Atty Girard Mecadon
  • Ed Pashinski
  • Falzone Towing Service
  • George Brown
  • Julie Sitkowski
  • Kevin Smith
  • Samantha Zimmerman
  • Valley Power Equipment
  • Wright Twp Police Officers Association
  • Main Storage Swoyersville
  • Mike Smith Used Tires
  • Rainbow Jewelers
  • Voiteks TV Sales and services
  • May Brands
  • Jack Williams Tire & Auto Service Centers

Pizza Bella donated all of the pizza, and local content marketing firm ContentMender is donating patches for each PopShield that was donated.

local law enforcement at Skate with a Cop in Wilkes-Barre February 2019

For sponsorship opportunities or to begin thinking about having a similar event in your area, contact Brian Feist via email.

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