PopShield – Saving Police Officer Lives

How does one find the balance between protecting the lives of our police officers, and law enforcement’s self-imposed desire not to traumatize the public?

Every vehicle stop and every approach is an unknown circumstance. While the vast majority of stops are uneventful, there are far too many situations where the officer’s safety becomes the prime concern.

In a split second, the officer must retreat from what was intended as a courteous stop, to chaos and self-preservation. Obviously, the safest method would be to approach every stop with weapon drawn and fully-deployed armor. While the safest, not a procedure that any department would find acceptable for the general public.

One of the primary design considerations of the Shield Technology engineering team was to develop a solution for this problem, and we succeeded.

PopShield used by police officer for serious protection

The PopShield, in its closed position, is very discrete, compact, and carried along the forearm, or in the palm of the hand, with a handle grip. It is in no way offensive to the general public.

The fact that it weights only 5 lbs., it is completely maneuverable with the non-dominant hand. If the circumstance remain normal, the shield is never used or deployed.

However, if the officer fears for his or her safety, with the simple push of the button on the handle with their thumb, the shield is instantly deployed, allowing the officer to engage or retreat with full head, neck, arm and torso ballistic protection, external of their body.

PopShield provides law enforcement officers with the widest range of discrete protection. We call it “circumstantially-adaptable.”