Law Enforcement: Attainable De-escalation through Technological Innovation

PopShield a tool for community pressure

Community Pressure

  • Political and community pressure to reduce police shootings through “de-escalation” has been a challenging and often abandoned concept within law enforcement agencies.
  • Today, de-escalation is more attainable without increasing the risk to police officers through enhanced protection technology.


cops are not super human popshield helps protect them

Cops are Not Superhuman

The politics and expectations of law enforcement have tried to make police officers superhumans, possessing attributes that simply don’t exist within any of us.

But here’s the truth:

  • They want to go home to their families at the end of their shift.
  • They are forced to engage with disrespectful, intolerant civilians.
  • They see more crime in a week than we will see in a lifetime.
  • They don’t want to get hurt doing their jobs.
  • They don’t want to die doing their job.
  • They don’t want to shoot anyone.
  • They know they are a target every time the step out of their vehicle.
  • They may be targets just sitting in their vehicles
  • They can never relax during their shift


Law Enforcement Body Armor Ballistic Protection PopShield

Escalation Is Caused By Fear…Restraint Comes from Confidence

When a police officer is faced with potential of being shot, here is what they know, which impacts their split-second decision process:

  • Their head, arms, legs, and lower torso are not usually protected.
  • Their vest is not bulletproof, it is bullet-resistant.
  • The vest does not make them “superman”.
  • They could still live or die depending on the weapon being used against them.
  • They will get hurt as a result of “backface deformation” of the vest worn on their body.
  • The vest-to-body contact could knock them off their feet making them vulnerable.

All of these factors increase the fear and the reactions that impact a police officer’s decision process.

And in a split second, infused with all of the above, they are asked to show restraint and make superhuman decisions.


The Solution: A PopShield

Why? To Reduce Fear and Improve Confidence by Doubling Up with External Ballistic Protection

The Shield Technology Inc. Formula:

  • Added Protection = More Confidence
  • More Confidence = More Time to Discern
  • More Time to Discern = Opportunity to De-Escalate.

PopShield Makes this Formula a Reality Due to the Following:

  • Large bulletproof surface area
  • Folded for easy storage
  • One second trigger release
  • Does not would the body
  • Highly maneuverable
  • Deployable inside vehicle
  • Increases confidence
  • Can be used to protect civilians
  • Easily carried while on foot
  • Optional second gun tourniquet
  • Pro XL version available that adds another panel
  • 5-year warranty


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