PopShield: Ballistic Shield for Executive Protection Services

Our ballistic shield technology is changing the landscape for those with executive protection jobs. PopShield provides maximum protection for those in the bodyguard service industry, allowing agents to protect celebrity and other high-profile figures.

The PopShield differs vastly from a bulletproof vest; instead of absorbing a bullet’s energy near the body, the PopShield is the only shield that stops a bullet and keeps that bullet’s damaging energy away from the user’s body.

PopShield is force multiplier that is easy to carry or store in a vehicle.  It’s a value-add to the priceless service you already provide to your Principals and VIP’s.

Benefits of the PopShield for Executive Security Services

  • As a security professional you have an obligation to yourself and your clients to establish the most secure and adaptable security zone as possible whether stationary, transitional or mobile. There is no other product on the market that provides the flexibility and adaptability within any protection zone than our patented PopShield external bulletproof body armor.


  • Our lightweight and compact PopShield – weighing just 5 lbs.  – is maneuverable due to an optimally designed vertical grip.  Other ballistic shields must use a horizontal handle because they can weigh up to 90 lbs.


  • The PopShield can be carried in one hand and deployed in less than a second, providing a wide field of coverage for you and your client. When not in your presence, you should provide a PopShield for your client’s vehicles, home, office, hotel or public venues as part of your contracted services.


  • PopShield products will make your protection services state-of-the-art and set you apart as superior to your competitors. We invite you to be the protection leader in your area.

PopShield is the ideal choice for any of the following executive protection jobs:

  • Bodyguards
  • Executive Escorts
  • Private Protection
  • Bonded Couriers
  • Casino Executives
  • Hotel Security
  • Celebrity Protection
  • Convict Transport
  • Concert Venues
  • Political Security
  • Sports Celebrities
  • Movie Stars
  • Valuable Transfers
  • Car-jacking exposures
  • Stage Events

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