Firefighters, EMTs and Paramedics Need to Be Safe Also

PopShield Protects EMT workers

Our team at Shield Technology Inc. goes to work each morning to make a product that allows our public safety heroes to go home to their families each night. It’s our passion and there is nothing more rewarding.

Just like law enforcement, each day fire fighters and paramedics are called upon to make split-second, life and death decisions, not only for their own protection, but for the protection of the public they serve.

Unfortunately, our brave men and women are routinely second-guessed. Our design engineers came up with a solution: a patented, bulletproof deployable ballistic shield that afforded more protection and confidence.

Their formula was very sound:

  • more surface area = more protection = more confidence = more time to make a decision.

We invite firefighters and EMTs to evaluate our shield.

We don’t need to explain all the possibilities; you know them much better than we do.

Click Here to Download our First Responder Brochure.pdf