Make PopShield Part of Your Retail Robbery Procedure

Running a retail store comes with numerous responsibilities and challenges, but perhaps few are as important and impactful as security. Robberies can quickly and unapologetically decimate your bottom line, but the damages extend well past the loss of inventory or cash in the register.

Robberies also lead to significant financial distress when you factor in lost work time and legal expenses, which can cost between $25,000 and $250,000.

Though robberies and the subsequent damage they cause can impact any retail business, some businesses owners are more likely to be faced with this type of violence.

Liquor, jewelry, electronic retailers, cannabis, and convenience stores are frequently the target for malicious actors. Sadly, convenience stores alone are the location of over 32,000 robberies each year, and almost 11,000 of them will be the victim of multiple robberies.

PopShield: Ultimate Retail Store Protection (9 Reasons Why)

Of all the retail robberies, a full 40% involve the use of a firearm, a fact that, even in the best scenarios, can have crippling long-term emotional and physical consequences.

The right security measures can protect your inventory and bottom line as well as those who serve as the face to your business, including yourself, your family members, and your employees.

Following is why PopShield – our patented, external, bulletproof body armor shield – is the answer.

Guns & Robberies

A full 40% of robberies involve the use of a firearm. By definition, a robbery leaves those involved intimidated and fearing bodily harm. For the business owners, who shoulder the responsibility of employee safety, this statistic alone is enough to warrant the need for some sort of bulletproof protection that can be used by all employees.

Affordable Protection

Whether you’re running a small, family-owned business or you’re overseeing several franchise locations, there isn’t always a ton of room left in the budget. With little room for additional expenses, implementing life-saving security measures can be extremely difficult. Even low-end bullet resistant glass installation can cost $5,000 before installation, with high-end systems exceeding $15,000.

At $699.99 each, a PopShield costs a fraction of that. Additionally, PopShield also has a convenient and budget-friendly rental program that allows retail business owners to rent shield for one, two, or three years.

Quick & Easy Deployment

In a violent robbery, every second counts. And though you may have an alarm under the register, a safe area of the store to which an employee could retreat, or even a weapon, many of the common protection methods are simply too cumbersome to effectively deploy or utilize within the time granted.

With a built-in quick release, the PopShield deploys in less than 1 second, allowing you or your employees to gain bulletproof protection as soon as the need arises.

Bring Law-enforcement Level Protection

Made from DuPont™ Kevlar®, PopShield offers everyday users the same level of protection and confidence that has been historically available to law enforcement. This patented shield has been tested and fully-vetted by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) and is NIJ-IIIA Compliant, protecting users against rounds from 9mm, .357 mag, and .44 mag weapons.

Accommodates the Needs of All Employees

Bulletproof vests aren’t exactly “one-size-fits-all,” and since it’s likely you have more than one employee on staff, providing bulletproof coverage can be challenging. Because PopShield weighs just under 5 pounds and is easy to deploy and maneuver, any employee, regardless of age, physical abilities, or size can quickly and easily protect themselves should the need arise.

Maximum Coverage

In addition to being light enough for all employees to use, PopShield also provides increased coverage, maintaining three times the coverage of a bulletproof vest. This allows users to protect their heads and extremities in addition to their torso. Additionally, more than one user can gain protection from the shield.

Increased Maneuverability

In some cases, employees may be able to remain behind the counter during an armed robbery, but that’s not always the case. Depending on how the frightening scene plays out, they may have to flee to safety. In other circumstances, this would leave them vulnerable to gunshots or even knife wounds, but that’s not the case with the PopShield.

Since it’s lightweight and can be held and maneuvered with one hand, employees can maintain protection no matter where they are, be it behind the cash register, in an aisle, or as they flee to a safer location.

PopShield a great addition for Robbery Protection Procedures

Compact & Concealable

When it comes to bulletproof protection products, many, like vests and traditional shields are not easy to stow away. They’re bulky and often impossible to keep undisclosed in the limited space provided around the cash register or front desk.

Even though PopShield provides increased coverage while deployed, when not in use, its compact design makes it easy to stow, making it the perfect, discreet addition to your existing security measures.

Easy to Add to Security Protocol

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), each year, nearly two million Americans are victims of workplace violence, and that includes robberies and, as recent and unfortunate shooting events indicate, gun violence that has nothing to do with a desire for financial gain.

For business owners, this signals a dire need for an established security protocol, but the ability to implement such a plan can be difficult, especially for small business owners with limited funds. The addition of one or more PopShields make it easier to meet your employer obligations and create a security or emergency protocol that protects your employees regardless of how or when the events unfold.

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