PopShield is Not Your Typical Ballistic Shield

There is a wide array of ballistic gear available to consumers and professionals, but few products are unique as PopShield. If you’re about to invest in tactical gear, a here are 13 ways PopShield differs from typical ballistic shields and therefore should be at the top of your list.

1. American Made Protection

The PopShield is composed of 28 layers of 100% American DuPont Aramid Fiber and is NIJ IIIA Certified. As such, this ballistic shield offers protection against 9mm, 357 mag, and 44 mag rounds.

2. Lightweight

When it comes to protection, one of the biggest drawbacks of bulletproof vests is weight, with most nearing 20 pounds. For users that are relatively small in stature or those who simply aren’t capable of efficiently carrying around an extra 20 pounds, particularly in a high-stress circumstance, the added weight can be the difference between safety and injury.

Weighing in at a mere 5 – 6 pounds, depending on the model, this ballistic shield can be carried, deployed, and used by virtually anyone, from children and elderly to law-enforcement or emergency professionals whose success depends on unencumbered movement.

3. Compact and Easy to Transport

If there is any lesson that has been engrained on modern society it’s that shooting events can happen anywhere and at any time. Sadly, our society has been dealing with the emotional and physical wounds of shooting that take place in schools, at concerts, and at our places of employment.

Since its compact and lightweight, the PopShield is easy to transport and can easily be carried, taken on a plane, or stowed in a desk drawer or in the car, providing protection wherever chaos my find you, including accessing alternative bulletproof gear or escaping to a different part of the world.

PopShield in car situation

4. Instant Deployment

When it comes to active shooter or home invasion situations, a single second can be the difference between life and death. For many, that provides little room for preparation or reaction. The PopShield is designed to deploy in less than a second, allowing for a quick way to protect and react to any situation.

5. Flexibility of Use

The lightweight and compact design of the PopShield lends itself to a flexibility of use that far exceeds that which accompanies bulletproof vests, which are bulky and not designed for a one-size-fits-all use. PopShield can be used by individuals of all ages, experience levels, and professional backgrounds, meaning it can be used by families for in-home protection and peace of mind or by professionals as part of emergency protocol.

6. Designed for All Ages

Because it’s lightweight and easy to deploy, PopShield can be used by individuals ranging from children to seniors, allowing for a level a protection that is not typically seen in the tactical gear. As long as the user has the ability to lift 5 pounds and press the release button, they can access this life-saving form of protection.

7. Extended coverage

Another common problem associated with bulletproof vests is the fact that they only offer torso coverage, and though this protects a number of vital organs, the rest of the body is left vulnerable to bullets. In a single or multiple-shooter event, this not only means that those involved are at a higher risk of death or injury, but it also means that their escape can be compromised by even minor wounds.

PopShield, on the other hand, is designed to provide 3x to 4x (4-panel shield and 5-panel shield, respectively) the coverage, giving protection to anybody part behind by the shield, and that includes the ability to shield more than one person, increasing the efficiency of escape efforts. The shield also provides increased protection to emergency personnel as they care for victims.

8. Discrete

In some cases, the last thing you want to do is bring attention to the potential dangers that may befall a room full of people. This is particularly true when there are children involved. The PopShield can be brought into any room without notice, allowing everyone from law enforcement to educators to equip themselves without bringing in an element of fear or unnecessarily causing increased or chaos in a room.

9. Reduced Impact

Bulletproof vests may stop the bullet from penetrating the skin, but that doesn’t mean the wearer is completely free from harm. When a bullet hits the vest, the wearer absorbs part of that shock, and in addition to bruising and other types of contact injuries, they wearer can also become momentarily indisposed. The PopShield largely eliminates that put added space between the user and the bullet.

Ballistic Shield Tactics: How to Properly Use One (Professional Tips for Civilians)

10. Increased Maneuverability

The lightweight and compact design do make it easy to transport the PopShield, but what about once it’s deployed? It’s important that ballistic shield users maintain their ability to move from one place to the next while continuing to offer care, secure a situation, or react to new dangers. The PopShield can be easily maneuvered with a single hand, allowing for protection that doesn’t comprise the user’s ability to continue to perform duties.

11. Available in Two Models as of this Writing

For now, ]the PopShield comes in two models, the 4-panel Standard Model and the 5-panel XL Model. The Standard Model offers 3x the amount of coverage while the XL Model offers 4x the amount of coverage. Both models, however, are lightweight, easy to deploy and highly maneuverable. Additionally, both feature a shoulder strap to keep the shield in place if it’s dropped or if both hands are needed.

12. Confidences in High Stress Situations

It’s important that all responders, be they law-enforcement, emergency, or civilian, can address a dangerous situation with the speed and efficiency, and confidence plays an important role in that. Because PopShield is easy to use and offers 3x more coverage, users can enter into frightening or chaotic situations with a sense of confidence that can make the difference between life and death.

13. Affordable

Other tactical gear, namely vests, can cost upwards of $1,000, making them largely out of reach for civilians, and making them a hefty financial burden for schools, companies, and other organizations looking for added protection – that’s particularly true when you consider that vest sizes can limit use among personnel. PopShield can be purchased for as little as $699.99. We also offer rental options, making it easy to fit this type of protection into your budget.

Even though PopShield is cheaper than many ballistic alternatives, it can still be difficult to fit the budget. In addition to purchasing the shield outright, customers purchasing 25 or more units can enjoy the convenience of renting, financing or leasing the shields.

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