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Today, more than ever, school officials and district decision-makers have a tough job on their hands. Shootings, both inside and outside of schools, are happening more frequently than they have in the past.

And though the chance of having an on-campus gun incident remains very low, it’s increasingly important to provide protection to not only those who you educate and employ but those who are charged with their defense.

As the threat to those in your care evolves, so too must the tools and resources you use to protection. PopShield does just that. This lightweight, easy-to-maneuver, patented bulletproof shield can seamlessly integrate into your active shooter protocol.

Check out the PopShield school demo video, and continue to read on for more information.

Preparing Your School for an Active Shooter

Perhaps you already have a loose plan or maybe you have a long-standing school safety policy in place, but as the threat to those in your care evolves, so too must the tools and resources you use to protection. PopShield’s lightweight easy-to-maneuver, patent bulletproof design shield can seamlessly integrate into your active shooter protocol.

One reason for this is the incomparable flexibility that this shield often. When preparing and planning for an active shooter event, those responsible typically work closely with faculty, staff, and security professionals in an effort to determine who is responsible for a variety of necessary tasks, like securing perimeters or moving students to safer locations. Unfortunately, violence can break out at any time and in any part of the school, leaving gaps in even the most thoughtfully planned protocols.

PopShield is one of the few response tools that can easily and effectively allow responders to react and adapt as necessary. As long as responders, including faculty and staff, know that PopShields are present in designated areas, whoever is in the closest room, half, or wing of the school can quickly gain access to unfettered protection.

Further, because PopShield weighs only five pounds and is compact and easily concealable, it can be used by faculty, staff, and even students, regardless of size or ability. This means that you can offer protection in various parts of your school even if you can’t afford to bring on enough security personnel to effectively cover the whole building.

Run. Hide. Fight.

With a plan in place, you can empower those around you to do what they must to maintain safety, and as those tasks with preparing a response to know, that typically means your protocol must include and factor in the ability to run, hide, or fight.

Regardless of which response is necessary for any given situation, PopShield is designed to keep users safe.

Ballistic Shield Tactics: How to Properly Use One (Professional Tips for Civilians)

Run Unencumbered

A normal bulletproof vest is cumbersome – weighing nearly twenty pounds – and covers a single user. At five to six pounds, depending on the model you choose, PopShield is not only lightweight enough for individuals of varying size, stature, and abilities to handle, it’s easy to maneuver, allowing users to run while maintaining protection with a single hand.

Further, because it offers three to four times the coverage, users can maintain extended protection throughout evacuation efforts or while tending to victims.

Hide with Increased Protection

Running from the scene isn’t always an option, and even when it is, it may not be the best course of action. In some cases, students, teachers, and staff members may need to lock themselves in a classroom, closet, or other area and hide until the perpetrator is apprehended or help arrives.

In this case, PopShield’s easy and instant deployment, when combined with its increased coverage area, can keep those lying in wait protected.

This is not typically the case for bulletproof vests or even other shields, which only cover specific parts of one individual or are inaccessible. With PopShield, caretakers, educators, and anyone within the school building can hide with increased safety and assurance.

Fight with Confidence

Running and hiding may be the best option for some individuals, but others, particularly those who have been hired to provide protection, the only option will be to fight. With a deployment time of less than one second, those who must fight can quickly and easily access maximum coverage.

Additionally, because it’s lightweight and easy to maneuver, those using the PopShield to pursue and subdue a shooter can do so with the agility required.

Additionally, unlike a bulletproof vest, which directly absorbs and transfers the shock of a bullet, PopShield adds space between the user and the bullet, making it easier for them to recover from a hit and avoid shock, disorientation, and injury. Further, when combined, the characteristics and benefits of PopShield instill confidence in a high-stress situation, the lack of which can create an even more dangerous situation.

Investing in PopShield

School budgets are often tight and there is little wiggle room, even when it means increasing the safety of those in your charge. Bulletproof vests can cost up to $1,000 a piece, a price that is frequently out of reach for most schools and districts.

At $699, PopShield is often far more affordable for the average citizen, but what about the school that would like to fully incorporate numerous shields in their active shooter training and protocol?

Our one-year, renewable rental program makes it possible for schools to leverage PopShield and the unique protection is provides for just $30 per shield, per month. This makes it easier to bring multiple PopShields into your building for little more than the cost of a few textbooks. There is no other low-cost option for effective bullet protection.

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