PopShield Video: Active Shooter Situation.

Shield Technology Inc. had recently sponsored a tactical training class that involved what to do in life-threatening situations, and how to lower the risk of fatality using our PopShield.

We teamed up with Marauders.us for a four-hour training course that involved both classroom and field instruction.

The students were a mix of experienced personnel and others having little to no training.

During the field training, the environment was at an indoor facility with many doors, windows, barricades and rooms. The students were given instructions and tools to use, that were picked at random, and one of these tools was a PopShield. The students were not aware of who the shooter would be nor who had what tools.

Below the video is a breakdown of what happened.

Scenario 1

Location: University classroom and offices.

Scenario: Active shooter killed a teacher in an office. Ten seconds later the shooter entered a classroom and shot two students. Third victim in the room was able to rush the shooter by using a PopShield.  However, the victim did not wait for a reload and was subsequently shot and killed while struggling for the weapon.

Shooter kicked in the door to another teacher’s office.  The teacher had a concealed weapon and shot the shooter 7 times without being hit. The shooter was killed. One other teacher survived by barricading in an office.

Results: Four fatalities/Shooter killed by CCW/One survived by hiding.

Scenario 2

Location: Church meeting room and offices.

Scenario: Active shooter was meeting with two individuals in a meeting room. The shooter drew a weapon and was attacked by the first victim. The victim was
unable to disarm the shooter and was shot during the struggle. The second person in the room was able to escape during the initial fight.

The shooter approached a barricaded office door and kicked it in. The second fatality occurred when the occupant of the barricaded room tried to rush the shooter. He failed to disarm the shooter and was shot multiple times in the chest. A third victim was hiding in the room and was shot.

The shooter approached a second office and kicked in the door. Two individuals were inside the second office. One individual had a PopShield and a concealed weapon.  The active shooter fired at least six shots at a range of six feet and only struck the shield.  The defender in the room fired six times and was able to wound and kill the shooter.

Results: Three fatalities/One escaped unharmed/One CCW killed the shooter with use of the PopShield/One hid in room with defender with PopShield.

PopShield: Performing in an Active Shooter Situation (Video)Scenario 3

Location:  Workplace offices and manufacturing floor.

Scenario: Shooter entered the workplace and shot and killed a receptionist near the offices. The shooter then moved to a locked office and kicked open the door. The defender in the room used a PopShield to block at least six shots from a distance of six to eight feet. The shooter moved to within arms distance to try to pull the shield clear. The defender was able to disarm the shooter and end the scenario.

Results: One fatality/Shooter stopped by defender with shield/three survivors hid in the manufacturing area/One survivor escaped through the front door while
the shooter was not in the area.

Concluding Thoughts

PopShield performed as it should have in these different situations. No scenarios were staged other than the environment and beginning outburst. It was up to the students to do what they would do naturally in these types of situations.

Overall, how did the PopShield during the third-party test and training? The casualty rate for seven participants was minimized by 70%.

Safety, every second counts!