PopShield – Confidence Defined

Confidence – “the feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something; firm trust.”

In that simple definition rests a tremendous amount of power, particularly when it comes to responding to a dangerous event, like an active shooter. A single hesitation or a second thought can leave both professionals and civilians vulnerable, resulting in injury or death.

When we designed the PopShield, our primary goal was to provide unfettered protection for all users, but we know that meant more than using the right material. It meant that we had to produce a ballistic shield that instilled confidence of use.

To do that, we had to consider the principles that drive confidence in high-risk situations, and when it comes to ballistic shields, that meant a product that offered increase protection while remaining lightweight, quick to deploy, and easy to maneuver. The end result was a product that users can trust.

Following are the four principles of product innovation – all which sum up our creation of the PopShield.

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1. Protection

NIJ IIIA Certified and made with 100% American DuPont Aramid Fiber, PopShield offers protection from 9mm, 357 mag, and 44 mag rounds. However, the protection extends well beyond the 28 layers of bullet-resistant fabric. Once deployed, the size of the shield offers 3x to 4x more coverage than bulletproof vests.

In addition to the composition principles, it’s also important to recognize the practical difference between a bulletproof vest and PopShield. While a bulletproof vest does offer protection from penetration, it does not protect against impact-based injury. The impact from a bullet, even with a vest, can lead to painful, debilitation, and potentially lethal injuries. The shield, on the other hand, is held away from the body, which means the impact is dispersed amongst the surface of the shield, not the chest or torso.

Combined, these things help alleviate the mental burden that accompanies users, allowing them to enter a situation knowing that the odds of bullet-to-body contact have been greatly reduced or eliminated.

2. Lightweight

The average bulletproof vest weighs in at just under 20 lbs., and for some, that 20 lbs. can significantly reduce their ability to react in a situation. PopShield, which is available in a 4-panel and 5-panel design, weighs between 5.2 and 6.2 lbs. respectively. The lightweight design allows users to freely move about while holding the shield with their non-dominate hand. This means first responders can tend to victims, law enforcement can actively pursue aggressors, and civilians of all ages and statures can protect themselves.

The lightweight design of PopShield is certainly helps when it’s deployed, but it also adds to the flexibility of the product, allowing users to easily transport it. Because it’s so lightweight and compact, the shield can be discretely carried into an environment.

This makes it easier for law-enforcement to confidently enter into any situation because they aren’t taxed by a heavy vest or cumbersome shield. It also means that civilians can easily take the shield with them in the car or even on a plane with little inconvenience. Of course, because it’s so lightweight and portable, users can remain confidence regardless of their surroundings.

3. Instant Deployment

Bullets don’t abide by societal rules, and there will be no concessions made to allow individuals time to move out of the way or protect bystanders. The PopShield incorporates a high-quality grip handle with an instant release trigger, allowing for deployment in less than a second. As such, those who use this ballistic shield can quickly and efficiently react to a dangerous situation.

When timing is everything, even minor movements can lead to time loss and added stress. The PopShield’s quick release provides the peace of mind needed to enter a situation with a clear head and quick reflexes.

4. Maneuverability

Bulletproof vests are bulky, and other types of shields can be difficult to store, heavy or awkward to carry, and cumbersome to deploy. With a truly compact design, a high-quality grip handle with instant release trigger, and a shoulder strap for hands-free portability, PopShield is the first truly maneuverable ballistic shield.

Additionally, because the PopShield is lightweight, users can easily hold the shield with their dominate hand while they tend to victims, secure an area, immobilize an active shooter, or hide, run, or fight as required.

When chaos ensues and gun violence is all but certain, the mind and body can quickly betray us. As the heart rate increased to 200+ beats per minute and the fear of being shot diminishes judgment and replaces it with natural instinct and self-preservation, we, as well as those who we protect, become increasingly vulnerable.

Though the body may always react to fear, the proper equipment can allay those fears by instilling confidence and allowing you or your team to enter into the situation fully prepared. The PopShield does just that by providing a lightweight, easy to deploy, and highly maneuverable protection that you can trust.

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