PopShield Empowers School Resource Officers

Dedicated school resource officers get up every day and go to work to protect our children. The odds are that most days will be as normal as the next, but we all know bad things can and, sadly, do happen.

In a split second, dads, moms, brothers, sisters and family members wearing the badge are asked to become super heroes in moments of shear chaos. During these moments, nothing is between them and an active shooter than a bullet and maybe a ballistic vest.

No doubt fear, apprehension and even paralysis can occur under these conditions. We at Shield Technology Inc. have invented a patented product designed to help school resource officers emotionally and physically deal with such situations with more confidence – the PopShield.

The product theory behind our PopShield is that if exposed to gun fire, our shield will take the bullet external of the body and at the same time provide protection to the face, neck arms and torso, which bulletproof vests do not provide.

Our PopShield provides these benefits without compromising mobility or maneuverability because it only weighs five pounds and is gripped by a handle with the non-dominant hand.

At a moment’s notice, the PopShield opens from its folded and stored position to a completely deployed ballistic shield in less than a second with the push of a button.

There is no reason for a school resource officer, first responder or police officer to be exposed to gun fire without having a protective advantage. Unarmed administrators are often first responders under school active shooter conditions; having a PopShield for protection is an absolute necessity for them.

Our mission is to save lives and make sure our front-line heroes get to go home to their families after every shift.

If your school does not have enough budget, Shield Technology Inc. provides a Lease to Own program to you.  Once enrolled in the program, you will own the shield at the end of the term; there’s no need to return the unit, and all of this life-saving protection is available for as little as $1/day.