Concealable, Quick Deploying, Ballistic Shield

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Each day, your team is called upon to make split-second, life and death decisions, not only for their own protection, but for the protection of the public they serve. Unfortunately, our brave men and women are routinely second-guessed. Our design engineers came up with a solution; a patented, ballistic shield that affords more protection and confidence. Their formula was very sound; more surface area = more protection = more confidence = more time to make a decision.

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Instantly deployed ballistic protection for police, fire paramedics and school resource officers both inside and outside of their vehicles.

  • Carried in the non-dominant hand
  • Highly maneuverable
  • 3X-4X More surface area protection
  • Resists rounds from 9 mm, 357 mag and 44 mag weapons
  • NIJ-IIIA Certified


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1. Built-In Quick Release

One-handed operation with easy push button to deploy.

2. Ballistic Certificate 

NIJ-IIIA compliant. Resists rounds from 9mm, 357mag, and 44mag weapons.

3. DuPont Kevlar® Bullet Resistant Material

Seams are also ballistic proof!

Use Our Public Safety Rental Program

Our shields may be purchased or rented. Our one-year, renewable, rental program is very accommodating for departments that may have capital budget restrictions and would like to procure a larger quantity of shields.

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Ballistic Shield Tactics: How to Properly Use One (Professional Tips for Civilians)