11 Reasons to Carry a Civilian Ballistic Shield

Walking down a busy the street. Going to class. Attending a music festival or event. Going to work. These are all normal activities that most of us participate in on a regular basis, and yet for many citizens, those very normal activities have become associated with an underlying sense of fear.

Gun violence has become an epidemic in the United States, and though experts and civilians may argue on how best to resolve or prevent it, millions are left searching for the best way to protect themselves and their loved ones.

You could stay home, avoiding any as many risks as possible. You could purchase a firearm and obtain a permit to carry or hope for changes to our current gun control policies or social client. However, at the end of the day, if you’re searching for protection from gun violence, there is an immediate another option – a civilian ballistic shield.

Reasons to carry a Civilian Ballistic Shield

A civilian ballistic shield is a product designed specifically to provide protection from gun violence in multiple settings, and though there are a variety of products on the market, the PopShield, designed sold by Shield Technology, Inc., present a viable option for protection in this unpredictable world.

If you’re in the process of sorting through the many ways to protect yourself and your family from gun violence, here are a few reasons why a civilian ballistic shield, like PopShield, may be a good fit.

#1 Mass shootings are on the rise.

By July of 2018, the United States was already home to 154 mass shooting events, with more, like the one that took place during a Jacksonville gaming event, adding to that staggering number. The reality behind those numbers is that there is no one specific set up circumstances that dictate the likelihood of a mass shooting. Ballistic protection and defense kits can offer versatile protection from real-world gun violence no matter where you are.

#2 Shootings can take place anywhere

If there is anything that the last few years has taught us it’s that mass shootings can take place anywhere at any time. Though school shootings have made the news multiple times in the last few decades, headlines have also included shootings that took place in movie theaters, naval bases, news and media outlets, shopping malls, and even churches. The right ballistic shield can offer protection regardless of where you are.

#3 Lightweight options exist

When forced to imagine the practical uses of a bulletproof shield, many conjure up images of giant police or combat shields – clearly not a reasonable or feasible option for everyday citizens. In the past, that may have been a reality, but increasing demands for personal safety, when mixed with new innovative designs, changed that. In fact, PopShields weigh only five pounds, making them light enough to carry anywhere.

#4 Some shields are easy to conceal

Alongside concerns that ballistic protection would be difficult or heavy to carry, PopShield is compact and concealable, folding down enough so that it can be tucked into a bag, placed under a desk, or kept in a car. As such, portability increases, allowing you to stay protected in a variety of environments.

Civilian Ballistic Shield - PopShield easy to store in car

#5 A PopShield can provide instant protection

When it comes to body armor, there are a variety of options available to consumers, but unless you want to walk the streets or spend the work day wearing a Kevlar® vest, then you will need time to suit up – that’s rarely the case in real-world active shooter events.

Our ballistic shield is designed with a locking mechanism and a crisp, reliable trigger that offers protection in less than a second.

#6 Access the same level of protection used by members of law enforcement

Think bulletproof products are exclusively reserved for members of your local police force? Think again. As an NIJ-IIIA tested and approved products, the PopShield is held to the same standards as gear meant to protect the men in blue. Using authentic American Dupont material, Shield Technology, Inc. has designed a portable, reliable ballistic shield that stops bullet rounds from 9mm, 357 mag, and 44 mag guns.

#7 The right ballistic shield can offer rapid and adaptable protection

As citizens in the United States have come to learn, there is no standard protocol for how or when a shooter will strike. The PopShield is chaos-ready, offers a single-hand grip, and can provide coverage for an individual whether they’re trying to retreat from the scene or assist victims. Additionally, with materials designed to perform in numerous environments, users can still reap the benefits of protection even if the situation results in temps as high as 200.

#8 Offers protection against armed home intruders

Mass shootings aren’t the only threat to civilians. Armed robberies or other nefarious actions can take place on the home front, where there is little protection until the police or emergency services arrive. Having a ballistic shield at home with you can help you protect yourself and your family until help arrives or the intruder flees.

Civilian Ballistic Shield PopShield hand mechanism

The PopShield features a quick triggering mechanism which deploys the civilian ballistic shield in a second, speeding up protection. This speed also inspires confidence to think clearly while under attack, and make the best decisions possible – ones that may be life saving.

#9 Protection anyone can use

Ideally, if you need to protect your loved ones from an assault involving gunfire, you’ll be there to do so, but what if you aren’t? Young adults or elderly individuals left home alone can easily access and use the PopShield to protect themselves from an active shooter, giving you peace of mind and them the opportunity to flee and/or call for help.

#10 Three times the coverage as bulletproof vests

In addition to being easy to use and quick to deploy, the PopShield also provides more coverage than your typical bulletproof vest. Vests, which cover an individual’s torso, leave other body parts vulnerable; they also leave other people vulnerable. A civilian ballistic shield can be used to provide protection for a larger portion of the body while increasing defense for those positioned behind the shield.

#11 A Lifetime Investment that’s always ready to act

We hope you never have to use a ballistic shield, but purchasing one gives you a lifetime of peace of mind, only facing compromise once used. In this sense, the PopShield becomes the main line of defense against assaults without the need to reinvest, restock, or practice regular maintenance. It’s there when you need it, though hopefully you never will.

Gun violence is a terrifying reality for many citizens in the United States and around the world. While many factors are out of your hands, a civilian ballistic shield puts protection immediately within your reach.