Deployable Ballistic Shield for First Responders – Unlimited Benefits

An active shooting is taking place in your hometown. In every direction you look, police and SWAT vehicles are rushing towards the situation.

No time is wasted. Their jobs are simple—find the shooter and end the situation as quickly and safely as possible.

Right on the law enforcement’s heels are first responders, like firemen and paramedics. These men and women are out to care for casualties of the situation, saving as many lives as possible. They could mean the difference between life and death for victims, literally.

But their jobs aren’t exactly safe either.

Often times, it requires them to rush in and out of dangerous situations in order to extract victims and give them the care they need—all while being unprotected from the shooter that caused this situation in the first place. Their lives are on the line just as much as everyone else.

Truthfully, even having that thought can and will affect how first responders handle the job at hand. In order to provide the care needed, they need confidence-inspiring ballistic protection of their own.

Enter the deployable ballistic shield, such as the PopShield.

Deployable Ballistic Shield: Wise Choice for First Responders (3 Reasons Why)

Deployable Shields Offer Confidence to First Responders

In a high-stress situation, a clear and confident thought process is everything—even more so for first responders attending to victims with bullet wounds. The more fear and anxiety present in the mind, the more difficult the job becomes. And in the case of firemen, paramedics, and other first responders, that means saving lives.

Equipping these men and women with ballistic shields for protection helps instill them with confidence in more ways than one. First, you must understand that taking a hit from a bullet—wearing a bulletproof protection or not—is not easy to overcome. Often times, the impact will send your body into shock, even if your body is physically safe. Not what you need while trying to save another’s life.

A ballistic shield, on the other hand, keeps the bullet’s impact off of the body. Hugely important. Should this happen, a first responder will be able to continue their job with reasonable thinking.

  • Deployable ballistic shields deflect a bullet’s impact away from the body, helping keep a clear mind in a dangerous situation

Why a Ballistic Shield Trumps Other Forms of Protection—Especially for First Responders

Deployable ballistic shields offer several advantages in comparison to wearable protection for every individual, but even more so for first responders.

So, what’s the biggest advantage? Deployable ballistic shields are lightweight (usually around only 5 pounds) and won’t affect an EMT or paramedics ability to do his or her duties. Bulletproof vests weigh in around four times the amount and are often bulky, slowing down movement and limiting range of motion.

Shields also offer significantly more surface area coverage than wearable protection. Actually, about 3 times more. This means that you can tuck your arms, legs, and head behind the shield while moving or tending to a casualty. And with that extra coverage comes the ability to provide protection to those around you, instead of just yourself.

  • A lightweight design means ballistic shields are easy to use
  • Wearable ballistic protection is often heavy and bulky, hindering a first responder’s ability to do his or her job
  • Deployable ballistic shields like our PopShield offer 3 times more surface area of protection than bulletproof vests

Deployable Ballistic Shield: Wise Choice for First Responders such as PopShield

First Responders Are Often Targets, They Need Protection

It’s a scary thing to think about, but first responders are often high-priority targets in active shooter or terrorist situations. Shooters often pick them out in effort to cause as much damage to good-doing citizens as possible.

That said, first responders need ballistic protection for every minute on duty. In short, there’s no better choice than deployable shields.

Why exactly? The thing is, you never know when danger might present itself. Whether you are on site of an active shooter situation or simply in your vehicle on public streets, danger can come quickly and viciously.

If that time comes, having a deployable ballistic shield readily available can be lifesaving. Due to their compact sizing and easy storage, ballistic shields are easily storable inside a firetruck, ambulance, or any vehicle for that matter. These vehicles should always be equipped with this type of protection. They’re also rapidly deployable, popping open in a matter of seconds through the push of a button.

  • Store ballistic shields inside your ambulance or firetruck at all times
  • Shields are easy to store and quickly deployable

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