Protect You and Your Loved Ones in the Classroom!

Improving the Effectiveness of School Resource Officers. Improving School Safety.

When ordinary people are called upon to become heroes in protecting your school, you owe them the best equipment available.

With the PopShield, our objective is to quality protect and empower campus safety officers, making them a school’s frontline of defense without engaging teachers or traumatizing students.

The PopShield with the needs of school resource officers and campus security in mind.

Here are just a few reasons why Shield Technology Inc. provides the optimal solution for school security in case of the all-to-common school shooting.

We go to work each day to make “front-line” safety products to protect those who protect you. We offer realist, practical, affordable equipment to improve the odds in moments of chaos.

Statistically, having an on-campus gun incident is very low. But the current environment is not going to allow you to rely upon that. Parents want assurances.

Stopping danger before it gets to the classroom should be your very first objective. Your first line of defense are school resource officers, security personnel and male administrators.

If you are counting on them to be your heroes, instill in them the confidence they need to act. Equipment them with the most effective, maneuverable, external body protection available.

Here are the most important features of our bulletproof shield:

  • Folded, compact and easily concealable so as not to disturb the students.
  • Unfolds in less than a second.
  • Provides a broad area of bulletproof protection.
  • Weighing only 5 pounds, it is easily gripped in one hand,
  • Provides complete range of motion maneuverability.
  • Because it is external of the body, there is no bruising or wounding if struck by a bullet.
  • When ordinary people must be the aggressor to stop chaos they have greater protection.

There is no other low cost, immediately-effective solution on the market today.

And we know your budget does not fund what is expected of you, therefore you can rent our products.

Our deployable ballistic shields can be rented for less than $30 a month. Please contact us below for additional details.

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Proudly Designed in USA

PopShield provides whole bulletproof panel, including folding seams.

Much safer than standard body armor.

NIJ IIIA standards for ballistic resistance.

Chaos-Ready. Pops open in under 1 second for instant protection.

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Protect yourself and loved ones today with 3 times more coverage than the average body armor.

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